Most Common Reasons for Divorce

Getting married is a beautiful thing but this relationship comes with a heavy price. Getting married is easy but maintaining the sanctity of this relationship takes a lot of patience and effort. Both husband and wife need to work as a team and should be willing to make some compromises. There’s no specific rule book of marriage ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ but certainly, some common mistakes could easily ruin this beautiful relationship. Sometimes, seemingly minor issues could lead to divorce and end this bond on an ugly note. So, whether you’re married for years or planning to tie the knot soon, learning these mistakes can help you avoid arguments and breakups.

These days, relationships have become fragile and divorce rates have gone high. Many experts have studied these issues to find out why divorce is becoming common and how couples can avoid it. Learning these common issues help in avoiding mistakes and ensure a lasting relationship. So, here are some common reasons that could lead to divorce. If you’re making any of these mistakes, make sure to avoid them to save your marriage.


When divorced couples were asked why their marriages ended, the majority of divorcees said that they were incompatible or “we grew apart.” It’s common to hear people say that things ended because “we were just incompatible”. Couples often drift apart when there is a lack of shared values, religious differences, or sexual issues. Certainly, many other couples enjoy and even appreciate their differences. However, the most successful marriages are built on a foundation of shared interests, priorities, and values. Incompatibility or lack of commitment could lead to divorce. If your husband or wife is growing distant due to any of these issues, find some common interests and make commitment your top priority.

Communication Problems

One of the top reasons for divorce is poor communication. The majority of divorced people complain about a lack of communication. Not being able to talk to each or constant arguing is the result of inefficient communication. Lack of communication is the root cause of many other reasons for divorce. Many other problems like sharing family responsibilities or disagreements over money can be easily resolved by simple, clear communication. So, if you and your wife are constantly arguing, learn how to communicate more effectively with each other. If you notice repeated arguments about the same topic or unresolved disagreements, take time to improve your communication.

Extramarital Affairs

Infidelity or adultery is another common reason for divorce. Infidelity can ruin even the strongest bonds. When a husband is found cheating, it creates a gap and the wife drifts apart. An extramarital affair is often a result of other underlying problems like lack of intimacy, excitement, or incompatibility. Adultery directly makes the other spouse call off the marriage. It can be very difficult to regain trust after your wife finds you cheated. A relationship counselor can help you find out how to get your wife back if infidelity is the problem. Women wonder if they can trust their spouses again. It takes a lot of effort to start from the beginning and regain the lost trust.

Financial Incompatibility

Money disagreements are another common reason that leads to arguments. Many divorced couples said that financial problems created disagreements. They complained that their ex-spouse was irresponsible in handling money. Money issues are a result of differences in priorities which becomes a major cause of divorce. Spouses often keep secrets about spending money or even say outright lies about purchases. Making major financial decisions alone such as withdrawing money from a savings account or investing a significant amount of money can create conflict. Mistakes like not maintaining transparency or failure to set joint financial goals should be avoided.